Dating musicians who go on tour

Tips for Dating a Musician Phoenix New Times

Dating a musician is a lot like communism: It sounds good in theory, but in practice, it can leave you cold and frustrated, eating canned beets for dinner.

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Whether we’re talking about caterwauling coffeehouse singer-songwriters or first-chair concert violinists, musicians simply aren’t like other people.

Tips for <strong>Dating</strong> a Musician Phoenix New Times

Reasons You Should Never Date A Musician The Date Report

Let us try this experiment: take a regular person you may never have thought of as attractive. Do you like competing for your love interest against normal people and crazy people alike?

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Sometimes the amount of work to get a musician to notice you above the crowd is not worth the hassle. It’s temporary splitsville even if you both stay devoted and you just have to trust your musician counterpart to be on their best behavior.

Dating musicians who go on tour:

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